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Dr. Jones is a regular presenter for national conferences, state associations, state departments of education, and school Districts.  She typically offers practice-oriented presentations to support school based personnel in serving children and adolescents.  These training sessions range from short, mini-skills workshops (approximately 1.5 hours) to 1 or 2 day workshops that are tailored to the host institution. Dr. Jones customizes all presentations after consulting with the host(s) to ensure that the institution receives the maximum benefit from her visit.  She also conducts follow up sessions to assist in the integration of the workshop content.  View excerpts from two EDU Talks presented by Dr. Jones, then contact her to schedule a speaking engagement.

Dr. Janine Jones, Speaker

Dr. Janine Jones, Speaker
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Janine Jones, PhD, Culturally Responsive School Mental Health Interventions
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Janine Jones, PhD, Culturally Responsive School Mental Health Interventions

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  • Mastering the Art of Culturally Responsive Interviewing (3 hours)

  • Culturally Responsive Interviewing with Children and Families: An approach toward collaborative action (2 hours)

  • Through a new lens: Transforming Emotional and Behavioral disability identification through culturally responsive approaches. (3 or 6 hours)

  • INVEST in Community: Six steps to building relationships across cultures.

  • Culture, identity formation, and emotional health: Recognizing the complexity in African American children and adolescents (2 hours)

  • Through a New Lens: Transforming School Service Delivery through Culturally Responsive Approaches (3 hours)

  • Connecting at the Core: Multicultural Intentionality through the Counseling Process (2 hours)

  • Multicultural Intentionality through the Counseling Process (3 Hours)

  • Resilience in African American Children: Strategies for Facilitating Coping with Disasters and Trauma (2 hours)

  • Multicultural competencies in School Psychology—current status and future directions.  (2 hours)

  • Child and Family Centered Feedback in Psychological Assessment: A therapeutic model. (2 or 3 hours)


Contact Dr. Jones to coordinate a speaking engagement at your professional or educational institution.

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