Dr. Jones' philosophy of teaching is a student-centered approach. She believes students are in the course to learn new information and bring educational, professional, and life experiences that determine the way new knowledge is integrated. Dr. Jones tries to create a climate where students can master new skills in a safe environment where mistakes are seen as ripe opportunities for learning. In addition to lecturing, she uses interactive methods such as paired experiential activities, one way mirror observation, video instruction, and/or video recording with feedback. She also enjoys using technology as a means of increasing efficiency and clarity for the students. Through the use of Canvas (a Learning Management System), Dr. Jones has embedded online discussions, group collaboration, paperless file exchanges, structured peer review, and case study analyses.  Click here to visit Dr. Jones' UW faculty page.

“In teaching, I expect my students to think critically about cultural issues and analyze children through the cultural lens that the child brings to the professional relationship. Since my courses focus on mastery of skills and development of a professional identity, my teaching shapes students to be not only, high performing technicians, but also high quality colleagues.”






School Psychological Assessment

Multicultural Issues in School Psychology

Advanced Practicum in Personality Assessment

School Psychology Practicum

Doctoral seminar on advanced clinical interventions


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